Saturday, December 8, 2012

I was fortunate enough to be on studio 5 (KSL Channel 5 in Utah), this past Wednesday. It was a great experience where we discussed how a pregnant wife should be treated (here is the link to the segment, ). Brooke Walker, one of the show's hosts (she and Darin are awesome by the way), asked me when I had the aha moment, and I had to admit it was during our fifth pregnancy. Two things hit me at the same time when I answered her question: 1) Kimie has actually been pregnant six times, that never made it into the book. Kimie experienced a fetal demise during our third pregnancy. It's different than a miscarriage, but the baby, or fetus as they referred to it, didn't survive. We were actually at the doctor, with friends, because both couples were expecting and we were all finding out the gender of our babies. We were just into the second trimester and discovered at this appointment that the baby died. It was a tough situation. I can discuss that more at a later time. There is much to talk about there. 2) Some people think the book is perfect for couples who are experiencing their first pregnancy...and it certianly is useful for them. However, I find with the more you do anything, the more routine it comes and the more you take for granted. I took for granted that Kimie was quite used to being pregnant by time our fifth child was born. I never really consciously thought this, but it seemed like I expected everything to be automatic since my wife was "an old pro" at this kind of thing. I started digressing and that's when I realized I needed to step it back up. So, I started writing down things I had done in the past, both bad and good. I noted what other people were doing, both bad and good. Now it's a book, and honestly, my only hope is that it helps a little somewhere. Don't let routine kill common sense! SNAPP

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