Friday, December 14, 2012

I've been very aware of several lately who have lost their babies during the pregnancy. My cousin's wife lost her baby well into the second trimester this past week. They were able to still deliver the baby boy so the family could hold him for a moment. I have seen great strength in that photo. Their attitude on this experience has been amazingly positive. They have a deep faith in God and know deep in their hearts that He is charge of and over all things. They are hurting and disappointed for sure, as are their young kids who were excited to have a baby brother, but they are coping very well. My point in bringing this up? Pregnancy does not go according to plans, hopes and desires all the time. Husbands need to take amazing care (for so many reasons, not just this),of their wife while pregnant. It's hard on the wife. Love them and take care of them! It doesn't just have to work at it all the time. So be sure you do! SNAPP

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